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Department Contact Information

Etiwanda School District
12999 Victoria St.
Etiwanda, CA 91739
Name: Teresa Cardenas
Title: Child Nutrition Manager
Phone: (909) 803-3165

Name: Joseph DeAngelis
Title: Child Nutrition Coordinator
Phone: (909) 803-3154

Name: Rosie Bennett
Title: Child Nutrition Coordinator
Phone: (909) 803-3164

Name: Cathy Jennings-Vessels
Title: Child Nutrition Clerk
Phone: (909) 803-3155

Name: Craig Fuson
Title: Delivery Driver
Phone: (909) 803-3156

Name: Georgina Hills
Title: Kitchen Manager - Day Creek Intermediate
Phone: (909) 803-3306

Name: Marci de los Rios
Title: Kitchen Manager - Etiwanda Intermediate
Phone: (909) 899-8518

Name: Pam Beetschen
Title: Kitchen Manager - Heritage Intermediate
Phone: (909) 357-1659

Name: Gayle Wilson
Title: Kitchen Manager - Summit Intermediate
Phone: (909) 899-3611

Name: Samantha Gonzales
Title: Kitchen Manager - C. L. Solorio
Phone: (909) 357-7343

Name: Jenny Maldonado
Title: Kitchen Manager - C. P. Lightfoot
Phone: (909) 481-2739

Name: Diann Ross
Title: Kitchen Manager - Caryn
Phone: (909) 481-6259

Name: Michielle Trotter
Title: Kitchen Manager - D. W. Long
Phone: (909) 463-0560

Name: Michele Kerr
Title: Kitchen Manager - East Heritage
Phone: (909) 823-8459

Name: Susana Frias
Title: Kitchen Manager - Etiwanda Colony
Phone: (909) 803-3915

Name: Shannon Bannes
Title: Kitchen Manager - Grapeland
Phone: (909) 463-4858

Name: Yvette Brophy-Burns
Title: Kitchen Manager - J. L. Golden Elementary
Phone: (909) 463-9264

Name: Pat Dowell
Title: Kitchen Manager - Perdew
Phone: (909) 803-3942

Name: Candace Joy Rosales
Title: Kitchen Manager - Terra Vista
Phone: (909) 466-4514

Name: Kim De Alba
Title: Kitchen Manager - West Heritage
Phone: (909) 463-6589

Name: Maria Parker
Title: Kitchen Manager - Windrows
Phone: (909) 899-5775

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